Does Abs After 40 Really Work For Older Men?

This is a fitness and nutritional program that has been designed for men over forty, by a man over forty. The program is mostly aimed at helping men over the age of forty to go through a workout process that helps them to get rid of the belly fat and gain some solid abs. The Abs After 40 Mark Mcilyar Founder, is a 53-year old grandpa, who started working out at 43.

Problems Of Normal Workout Routine At The Age Of 40

abs after 40 workoutEvidently, many men over forty tend to have a difficult time working out and staying fit. This is as a result of several factors, such as;

• Energy-loss. The muscles strength reduce as one gets old.
• Lack of time. Too many men are committed throughout the day, making it difficult to keep up with the workout schedule.
• Poor nutrition. It can be challenging for men over forty to maintain a balanced diet.
• Increased stress level due to job and family.
• Engaging in the wrong exercises. The men over forty also have a challenge when they need to work out. They tend to do the wrong workouts that might not be effective, or might injure them.

Above all, the common reason for men over forty having challenges working out is the reduced levels of testosterone. The levels of testosterone will be affected by the food, activities, or the general way of life.

What The Abs After 40 Program Includes

The Abs after 40 program comes in three sections; An Exercise Plan, Variety of Workouts, and a Nutritional Plan. These three sections work together to deliver the best results for the user. The main target is the Exercise Plan, which is divided into three phases;

• Fat Loss JumpStart – Phase One. This section helps to restart the ability of the body to burn off the fat. The workouts in this phase are meant to strengthen and be easy on the joints as well.

• Male Hormone Optimization – Phase Two. The second phase entails bringing back the testosterone levels as they were in your 20s. Other than helping you eliminate the excess fat from the body, it also helps to boost your sex drive.

• Full-Auto Fat Burning State – Phase Three. Here, you will begin experiencing your workouts taking effect on the body. The robust optimization method helps to balance hormone, which then speeds up the loss of fat.

These are the three phases that the entire program entails. The program also comes with a nutritional set as a bonus.

Pros And Cons Of The Program

The Good

• It is designed for men over forty, by a man over forty. For that, the developer understands the best way to gain abs after the age of 40.
• There are no any side effects since everything in it is all about natural foods and workouts.
• Each workout is studied well to ensure the user doesn’t experience any joint injury.
• Mark Mcilyar explains each exercise in details and the food list is detailed as well, so it is easy to use the program.

The Negative Side

There is no any specific drawback of the Abs After 40, other than commitment. Unless you follow the program keenly and work hard towards reaching your goals, you might not get what you expect.

How Effective Is It?

The developer of the program promises tangible outcome when using it. This sounds genuine because it comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. So there is nothing to lose. Also, there are no any foreign or lethal medication involved, so you can be sure to experience some good outcome when you follow each step accordingly.